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Vision & Mission


The college envisions to spread the light of knowledge among all the sections of the society and to impart quality education to facilitate creation of responsible citizen, ethical individual, and competent professional as well as enlightened academicians, thus, to contribute to India and the world in the diverse fields of Arts, Humanities, Social sciences, and Science. The college aims at transforming lives and communities through assimilation and dissemination of knowledge. Based on the notions of inclusiveness, equality, quality, and creativity, it professes at providing student-friendly environment and educational opportunities to encourage and facilitate teaching-learning process.


Guided by the overarching vision, the institution purports to promote academic growth through state-of-the-art Intermediate and Undergraduate courses as well as to promote high standards of teaching-learning, critical thinking, professional ethics, and integrity besides improving the student’s academic goals. As makers of the nation’s future, the dedicated staffs of the college intend to make future citizens of the country and contribute in the nation-building process. This shall be done by emphasizing teaching, engaging in research, participating in various community activities, both local and national, along with the organizations which pursue common interests.

The college not only aims at producing educated individuals, but also harps on enhancing the skills of the faculties, students and staffs in a sustainable, gender equal environment conducive at attracting talented individuals and students from diverse social strata. The college wishes to propagate not only formal education but also moral and spiritual education as well.